About our driving school in Toowoomba

About Heidi

Heidi completed certificate 4 driver training December 2007.
Heidi provides a sensitive feminine approach, specialising in automatic. Understanding especially the nervous learner and giving them the confidence to progress through the procedures required to be safe independent, licensed drivers.
Heidi works with the supervisor and learner together to achieve maximum results for the learner to become a safe independent driver.


  • High 'P's pass rate.
  • Heidi has presented the rotary Ryda program to high school students.
  • Heidi has worked with migrants in an outreach driver mentor program.
  • Heidi helps experienced licensed drivers who require the confidence to know they are safe and competent.

About Jim

Jim has certificate 4 driver training and has operated successfully as a driving instructor since 2000.
He is qualified with a Certificate 4 in Assessment and Workplace Training, to train small groups.
Jim works with the supervisor and learner together to achieve maximum results for the learner to become a safe independent driver.


  • Jim has presented the rotary Ryda program to high school students.
  • Jim has presented a weekly program live on ABC radio about safe driving awareness.

Jim has supported the PCYC for 8 years with:

  • The Traffic Education Program.
  • Young learner drivers Traffic Education Programme and driver awareness.

Safe driving and the client's responsibility.

For most young people learning to drive is a big step from youth to a responsible young adult. For many this is a daunting task. We believe they must be given the responsibility that goes with the freedom of having a drivers licence. This means the client must have a fair knowledge of the rule book and learn to apply these rules when they are shown. The learning process will be different according to each individual's ability. Their maturity is shown when they can act responsibly.

Every client who comes to Jim and Heidi's Driving Academy will be treated equally as an adult. They will be given a few driving tips on a sheet of paper and on the bottom line is:

I have ability. Responsibility means to respond to the ability that is in me.
I have ability and I need to respond to it.

They are encouraged to read it after their lesson and apply the principle.

What We do

We tell our clients the better they know their road rules the more time we can spend learning how to apply those rules. The less time spent on the side of the road reading the rule book the better.

We have structured lessons where the client will be assessed to see how they have improved from the last lesson and then we will have a plan worked out knowing what we will be learning.

There will be:

  • Introduction and purpose for the learning.
  • Outcome outlined
  • A reason.
  • Key points explained and demonstrated.
  • Feedback and the client will try out
  • The new procedure.

We instruct by:

  • Demonstrating how to drive.
  • Showing diagrams and pictures.
  • Explanation.
  • Talking our client through a learning process.

After the lesson it is our client's responsibility to apply the learning and practice until they have improved the driving technique to performing the task very well with no effort.

Why We do.

It is our job to empower our client with the knowledge to drive the car according to the: conditions, traffic and other road users.
We encourage our clients to have a greater awareness of other road users. We believe it is important for our clients to learn in a safe environment.

Our Toowoomba driving school services these suburbs

Region of Toowoomba, QLD Cotswold Hills 4350, City 4250,

Middle Ridge 4350, Mount Lofty 4350, Newtown 4350,

South Toowoomba 4350, Harristown 4350, Wilsonton 4350,

Meringandan 4352, Highfields 4352, Kingsthorp 4400 and Oakey 4401.

Lessons not in Toowoomba or immediate surrounds incur an extra $10 per lesson Booking Fee



New Drivers

We provide 36 pages of valuable information for new drivers.

Strategies for practice, Advice for supervising drivers, The speed factor, Why accidents happen and Learning the language

Feel comfortable before you go on your own

If you have the appropriate child restraints, learn with your children in the back seat.