Jim & Heidis Driving School Toowoomba Testimonials


After my unsuccessful attempt at getting an Australian driving license, I approached James for a lesson. He was on point since day one, first analysing my errors and mistakes, then showing me the correct way. Unlike others who demand a fixed minimum duration, James focus on what's needed to pass the test and depending on your current condition, adjust the timeframe. He also pick up and drop off each class so that helps. Very polite and friendly instructor who makes learning so much fun. Besides, he provides a PDF file to read before facing the test which proves beneficial for my case. I recommend to all who wants a quick, no bull and on the point driving lesson at a reasonable price.

Phy Reid

Hey Jim, I got my ps today. I was super nervous and possitive that i had failed, but i didnt :) thankyou so much! and the powerpoint helped. thanks again :)

April Parker

I am 16 and recently passed my learners test. I had a free lesson card lying around and thought that I better get in and use it! So i called Jim and Heidi's Driving Academy and I am so glad I did. Jim was my driving instructor for the afternoon and mum got to sit in on the whole lesson and learn new driving skills and techniques with me. I thought think that allowing the parent of the learner driver to come along is a great idea because it teaches them how to drive when they practise in their own car. Jim was an exellent teacher and I found that he didn't just tell me how to drive, he taught me. The folder he gave me to take home was full of helpful pointers and key information booklets. I found the lesson an extremely educational experience. My favourite part of the whole lesson was when Jim showed Mum and I how to do practical foot control and clutch control when Mum and I practise together. I am so grateful for the knowledge Jim was able to provide me with!

Leanne Nolan

My daughter recently passed her learners test and we decided to take an offer of a free lesson through Jim and Heidi's Driving Academy. I especially liked how he taught me daughter the manical side of driving with such a thorough demonstration.

Jim was a great teacher, very patient and understanding. He included me throughout 90% of the lesson to teach me what techniques we can use whilst practicing by ourselves. I would definitely recommend their driving academy to anyone!!!!!!!



I wanted to thank you for all of your help, time and patience when teaching me how to drive.  I couldn’t have achieved what I did without you.  I would probably still be ignoring stop signs!

We are impressed with keys2drive and it has helped a lot. With all my thanks, Holly.

P. S. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a hand with their driving.


Keys 2 Drive presented to me an entirely different situation to the one I had always put myself in when learning to drive and in doing so opened my eyes to many areas that I could have improved. It taught me to ‘learn in a P plater situation’ rather than placing me in the controlled situation a learner begins in.

The most important part of my lessons with Jim was that he was able to almost immediately pinpoint minor flaws that neither I nor my parents had picked up on, yet were important in my driving. These flaws were quickly and easily dealt with in lessons that were casual and easy to understand.


Keys 2 Drive helped me to teach my daughter further to drive sensibly and safely by giving me more ideas to use as I taught her.

It also gave me a good ‘learning’ experience towards my own driving.

As a result Amie achieved a much better pass than she possibly would have without having been through Keys 2 Drive.


"It helped me to learn to think being 'P's safe well before I did my test. My confidence and ability was always improving each time I got in the car. I feel that keys2drive gave me better preparation for driving after I got my license. It has been well over 6 months and I am still 'P's safe!"

"I feel that learning to drive with Jim under the Keys2Drive program has made me a safer driver. I have learned to scan ahead and be more aware of my surroundings, so that I am prepared for threats before they occur. Jim was very friendly and encouraging, and his explanations were clear. This increased my confidence to drive."

Kara Redshaw

I went for a lesson with Jim early and he helped me with my car control and confidence.  It was a good way to start my learning.  I was happy knowing I was practicing properly.

Later when I had my hours up I went with Jim and we brushed up on my reverse parking and road awareness in heavy traffic.  This was just the preparation I needed to do my driving test.

I passed my P’s test first go.  Thank you Jim.

Mrs Jackson..On the road again

My husband has done most of the driving since we have been married.  Over the last few years I lost a lot of confidence in my driving ability.  I felt very uncomfortable driving.

I decided to go for a few lessons with Jim & Heidi’s Driving Academy.  In the first hour with Jim I regained my car control and confidence in a quiet area. The next time we drove in medium level traffic.  Once I felt more comfortable Jim showed me how to drive in roundabouts.  By the end of the second lesson I felt I was ready to go and drive my new car.

Nu Tha

I was referred to Jim & Heidi's Driving Academy by a friend. My English was not very good and Jim’s pictures and diagrams were very easy to understand.  Jim showed me the pictures and then explained how to do it.  This helped me to learn to drive in different situations.

The learning was fun and enjoyable.  Parking and other manoeuvres were easy to follow with the pictures. Jim showed me how the testing officer was going to test me and it made it easier for me when I did my driving test. I passes first go.


Jim helped me with my steering and showed me better visual searching skills.
I had never driven in the city centre and this helped me to respond a lot earlier to other road users.

He showed me some safety procedures that enabled me to drive a lot more confidently in traffic and still keep my mobility.
Once I learnt to visually search, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings were easier.
Now I am more relaxed and confident in heavy traffic.


I did my fifty hours and needed to see if I was ready for my test.
After just one hour my visual searching and mobility in traffic improved.  This made it easier to keep up with the flow of traffic.
Parking worked out to be easy once Jim explained the angles.

He gave me a driving assessment similar to the DART test.  This helped me to know what to expect for my ‘P’s test.
The three one hour lessons with Jim before my test were all I needed.
I passed first go!!


Jim is very, very good.  I learn new things every day and I am getting better. He helps me to relax.

I go with my boyfriend and he makes me scared. Jim’s lesson plans are easy to follow.  He gives me confidence to try new things.

I am planning to get my licence in December so I can drive myself to work.


Jim helped me with my steering.  His lesson plans and pictures are good .It was easy to learn to park.  With practice we got it right.

His visual searching techniques and car control gave me more confidence in traffic.

Jim explained the road rules and showed me how to apply them in traffic.  He helped me to cope with heavy traffic and traffic lights.

Sarah & Mum Christine

When I learned to drive I never had professional lessons.  I had no idea how to help my daughter Sarah.  I was a bit nervous. Jim’s professional approach and structured lesson plans were easy to follow.  I learnt things I never knew. He was patient with Sarah giving her positive feedback and encouragement.

When Sarah was driving his explanation and direction of upcoming tasks were clear and early.

In my opinion he earned his money. Jim was excellent and I would recommend him to anybody.


Before taking driving lessons with Jim I hadn't driven in over a year. Even though I had gained my P plates, I had no confidence on the road and didn't want to drive on my own.

In only 3 lessons with Jim I gained all the confidence I needed to drive alone safely and greatly improved my hazard perception skills. Jim was extremely professional throughout and helped me learn to be assertive on the road.

Our Toowoomba driving school services these suburbs

Region of Toowoomba, QLD Cotswold Hills 4350, City 4250,

Middle Ridge 4350, Mount Lofty 4350, Newtown 4350,

South Toowoomba 4350, Harristown 4350, Wilsonton 4350,

Meringandan 4352, Highfields 4352, Kingsthorp 4400 and Oakey 4401.

Lessons not in Toowoomba or immediate surrounds incur an extra $10 per lesson Booking Fee



New Drivers

We provide 36 pages of valuable information for new drivers.

Strategies for practice, Advice for supervising drivers, The speed factor, Why accidents happen and Learning the language

Feel comfortable before you go on your own

If you have the appropriate child restraints, learn with your children in the back seat.