What is Keys 2 Drive

keys2drive is a program that helps new drivers prepare for the realities of P plate driving. Are you really ready?

Free Lesson

keys2drive is providing a free lesson to learner drivers, which brings the learner driver and the parent/supervisor together with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

Funded by the Australian Federal Government, the 'free lesson' introduces the keys2drive coaching approach ('Find Your Own Way'), with examples of how the parent/supervisor and learner driver can use this approach when learning to drive.

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  • keys2drive equips parents/supervisors with a practical coaching approach they can use throughout the learning-to-drive journey.
  • keys2drive helps learner drivers prepare for P plate driving and beyond, but focuses particularly on remaining free of harm during the first six months, when risks are at their highest.

keys2drive encourages aware, sustainable, safe driving and is a great foundation for lifelong, self-guided learning.

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What to bring to the lesson

Both the learner driver and their parent/supervisor need to attend the free lesson.

Learner drivers need to bring their learner’s permit/learner licence, and their printed Free Lesson ID. Register for a Free Lesson ID now!

Parents/supervisors must bring a current Australian’s full driver’s licence.

keys2drive Testimonials

Barry and Amie

Barry Morgan:
“Keys 2 Drive helped me to teach my daughter further to drive sensibly and safely by giving me more ideas to use as I taught her. It also gave me a good ‘learning’ experience towards my own driving. As a result Amie achieved a much better pass than she possibly would have without having been through Keys 2 Drive.”

Amie Morgan:
“Keys 2 Drive presented to me an entirely different situation to the one I had always put myself in when learning to drive and in doing so opened my eyes to many areas that I could have improved. It taught me to ‘learn in a P plater situation’ rather than placing me in the controlled situation a learner begins in.”

“The most important part of my lessons with Jim was that he was able to almost immediately pinpoint minor flaws that neither I nor my parents had picked up on, yet were important in my driving. These flaws were quickly and easily dealt with in lessons that were casual and easy to understand.”  176 words.

Katie & Steve

Keys2drive supported a lot of what I was doing with Katie.  It reinforced the importance of practicing with purpose.  As a result I have confidence knowing that my daughter is a capable and safe driver.

“The Keys2drive program helped me to learn to think being ‘P’s safe well before I did my test. Jim’s clear explanations and encouraging manner increased my confidence, and I felt that my ability improved each time I drove.  I feel that keys2drive gave me better preparation for driving after I got my license.  I have learned to scan ahead and be more aware of my surroundings, so that I am prepared for threats before they occur. It has been well over 6 months and I am still ‘P’s safe!”  129 words.

Holly and Carmel

“I wanted to thank you for all of your help, time and patience when teaching me how to drive.  I couldn’t have achieved what I did without you.  I would probably still be ignoring stop signs!
We are impressed with keys2drive and it has helped a lot. With all my thanks, Holly. 
P. S. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a hand with their driving.

“I feel keys2drive helped Holly to be ‘P’ plate ready and safe independent driver for the future.”

Our Toowoomba driving school services these suburbs

Region of Toowoomba, QLD Cotswold Hills 4350, City 4250,

Middle Ridge 4350, Mount Lofty 4350, Newtown 4350,

South Toowoomba 4350, Harristown 4350, Wilsonton 4350,

Meringandan 4352, Highfields 4352, Kingsthorp 4400 and Oakey 4401.

Lessons not in Toowoomba or immediate surrounds incur an extra $10 per lesson Booking Fee



New Drivers

We provide 36 pages of valuable information for new drivers.

Strategies for practice, Advice for supervising drivers, The speed factor, Why accidents happen and Learning the language

Feel comfortable before you go on your own

If you have the appropriate child restraints, learn with your children in the back seat.